About Alfa Vega


Who we are?

SC ALFA VEGA SRL is a medium-sized company, mainly manufacturing and providing services, with an annual turnover of approx. 2.5 million Euro and approx. 100 employees.


It started from "zero" in 1991 and through the continuous reinvestment of the profit has reached after almost 3 decades to the current state.
ALFA VEGA is located on an area of 12,500 m2 and is located in the North-West of Romania, in the city of Satu Mare, 526 km from Bucharest, but 336 km from Budapest and 604 km from Vienna. It is 55 km from the motorway. From a geographical point of view, ALFA VEGA has a favorable position for export activities.


Current fields of activity

1. Manufacture of furniture:

Educational furniture (over 1 million Euro per year)

Classroom furnished with laboratory tables for 2 GAMMA students and ATHENS chairs

Urban furniture

Mobilier Urban
IASOMIE street bench for one, two or three people
AURORA street bench
Street bench IRIS
Street bench MAGNOLIA
Street bench with metal structure in cast iron
Statii de autobuz 1
Statii de autobuz 2
Bus stations with side advertising panels
 Cosuri de gunoi stradal 1
 Cosuri de gunoi stradal 2
Street garbage baskets
Suporti pentru biciclete 1
Suporti pentru biciclete 2
Bicycle stands
Receptia si jardiniera Primaria BRASOV
Receptia si jardiniera Primaria BRASOV
Reception and gardener of BRASOV City Hall

Office furniture

Mobilier Office
Office table AURORA
Mobilier office – Primaria BRASOV
Office furniture – BRASOV City Hall

Solid wood furniture components (export over 300,000 Euro)

Componente de mobilier din lemn masiv
Solid wood benchmarks for bed ends
Componente de mobilier din lemn masiv
Various solid wood benchmarks on the processing line
Masa cu piciore metalice
Table with metal legs in combination with solid wood countertop
Banca din lemn masiv
Rustic bench made of solid wood
Masa executata din lemn masiv
Rustic Table made of solid wood
Banca cu spatar, din lemn masiv
Rustic bench with backrest, of solid wood
Ansamblu masa rustica cu banci si scaune din lemn masiv
Rustic table set with benches and chairs made of solid wood
Ansamblu masa si fotolii pentru gradina, cu schelet metalic si tapiterie cu huse impermeabile
Table and chairs for the garden, with metal frame and upholstery with waterproof covers
banci pentru gradina
Set of two benches for the CUBO garden, connected by a square table

Small furniture made of solid wood

Masuta si scaune  din lemn masiv pentru copii
Table and chairs made of solid wood for children
Masuta de cafea cu blat si 3 picioare strunjite din lemn masiv
Coffee table with countertop and 3 legs, turning from solid wood
Exemple de mic mobilier pe care am putea sa le producem
Examples of small furniture that we could make.

2. Confecții metalice

Alfa Vega produces:

Metallic components of school furniture

Schelete metalice
Metal skeletons for individual KARA banks on the electrostatic field line

Some orders for furniture legs (30,000 pieces / month)

Picioare metalice
Metal feet for sofas on electrostatic painting equipment

Barbecues - We produced around 2000-3000 / day between 2004 and 2006

Metal frame for Ekebol 3-seater sofa, 240-450 pieces / week, a total of 27,000 pieces, worth 130,000 euros / month.

Dispozitiv de gaurire electropneumatica realizat prin autodotare
Electropneumatic drill through self-equipment
Statii de autobuz 1
Replacement welding in innovative devices
Statii de autobuz 2
Highlights for sofas on the transfer car

Bus stations, benches and trash bins

Cosuri de gunoi stradale pe linia de pregatire si vopsire in camp electrostatic
Street rubbish bins on the preparation and painting line in the electrostatic area

Different beds for the campus on a metal frame made of melamine laminate or solid wood

Pat metalic supraetajat
Metal bunk bed
Pat si noptiera din PAL melaminat
Bed and bedside table made of melamine laminate
Pat din lemn masiv
solid wood bed

Items for "House and garden" ordered through the network of Dedeman and Auchan stores: flower stands, barbecues, smokers, banks, etc.

Suport de flori pe perete
Flower stand on the wall
Suport de flori cu polite
Flower stand with shelves
Gratar pentru frigere cu jar de carbuni sau lemne
Barbecue grill with charcoal or wood jar
Afumatoare cu fum rece pentru toate anotimpurile
Smokers with cold smoke for all seasons
Protap cu rotisare automata, cu turatie variabila
Automatic turntable with variable speed

3. Painting services in electrostatic field

Alfa Vega has a line of paint in the field of electrostatic, high productivity, with a technology applied to the automotive industry, which ensures a high quality of surface coverage. The production process is provided by specialists who have over 30 years of experience in the field. The surface preparation tunnel ensures the application of a nanoceramic layer of iron and zirconium phosphate that can guarantee a resistance to salt fog up to 750 hours. Automated polymerization furnace, with monitored parameters, allows controlled polymerization of the paint layer. The maximum dimension of the parts that can be painted is 1300 x 2500 x 550 mm.

Intrare, iesire repere din camera de vopsire automata
Entrance, exit of landmarks from the automatic painting room

4. Providing manual electrolytic galvanizing services

  • experience applied to the automotive industry
  • corrosion resistance in neutral saline fog - about 400 hourse
  • certified ISO 9001/14001/18001(45001)
Repere zincate electrolitic in toba
Electrolytic galvanized parts in the druma

5. Production of teaching material:

ALFA VEGA is the only manufacturer in Romania of kits, modules, kits for physics, chemistry, biology

Formarea kit-urilor si a truselor didactice in atelierul de materiale didactice
Forming of kits and teaching kits in the teaching materials workshop
Truse si module de fizica
Kits and physics modules
Trusa de ecologie cu pH-metru digital
Ecology kit with digital pH-meter
Suport de flori cu polite
Panels with optics experiments
Truse cu ustensile si substante pentru chimie
Kits with utensils and chemical substances

Objectives at present and in the future

  • We offer our customers the highest quality products and the best value for money, strictly respecting the delivery times.
  • To remain a leader in the market of production of educational furniture and teaching material
  • To penetrate deeper into the retail market, as a supplier of consumer goods, with performances appreciated by customers and with a turnover of over 250,000 Euro per year
  • Increasing the share of export calling when necessary and in collaboration with partner companies from Romania or from the European Union

The main strengths of Alfa Vega

1. Creativity and credibility

The vast majority of the products offered by Alfa Vega were created or passed through the filter of professional creativity from Alfa Vega.
The ability to develop a medium series production flow, with low costs and in a short time, because it has ingenious prototype people, a versatile toolkit and a quick reorganization according to the clients' requirements.

  • a) In 2017 we created a production flow for the metal skeleton components of the Ekebol sofa (from Ikea offer), produced by Alfa Vega, in a series of 1000-1800 pcs / month. They were needed approx. 50 SDVs of high precision. They were produced in approx. 3 months, with relatively low costs. Normally for an average company it would have required at least double time and an incomparably higher cost..
  • b) In 2011, over a period of 3 months (July-September, we produced 11,000 sets (bank + chair) for the preparatory classes, as a result of large and urgent orders from schools. In the first month were carried out in parallel: prototypes and SDVs, organized new workshops, relocated the necessary equipment, was hired and trained staff. Over the next 2 months a 250 sets exchange rate was reached. There were no quality rejections.
  • c) Between August 2006 - April 2007 as a result of major orders of teaching material, a record production of 3 million Euros was organized, realized in 2 halls rented.

2. ALFA VEGA can execute both products with reduced complexity and products with high complexity, because it has workshops, which can interact with each other: metallic garments, toolsheed, presses, welding, electrostatic field painting, carpentry, with various machines for processing PAL and solid wood, electrolytic zinc plating.

3. ALFA VEGA has stable relationships with other companies in the area, to which it can call for the manufacture of series of products and components.

4. Another advantage: ALFA VEGA has production spaces whose configuration can be modified according to the requirements of new flows, the productivity to be achieved and the safety rules in operation.

5. ALFA VEGA has implemented an integrated management system of medium quality and SSO according to the standards: SR EN 9001: 2015, SR EN ISO 14001: 2015, SR OHSAS 18001: 2008 (45001). We are authorized as manufacturers of wooden furniture according to SR770 and we have CE certified for some products.

6. In a short time (less than a year) we have practically established from scratch an important production capacity of solid wood benchmarks consisting of three workshops: timber cutting, mechanical processing of solid wood components, finishing and assembly. We have the latest generation CNC machines HOMAG, BRANDT, HOLZMA and WEEKE, with various accessories for the processing of melamine chipboard, laminated wood and solid wood.

  • PAL cutting: 35-60 m² per hour
  • Canting the PAL: 125-225 linear meters per hour
  • Timber processing capacity: 8-10 m3 / day
Agregat HOLZMA pentru debitarea placilor de PAL, cu diagrama de croire programata
HOLZMA aggregate for cutting PAL boards, with programmed cutting diagram
Centru de prelucrare in coordonate cu comanda numerica WEEKE
Machining center in coordinates with WEEKE numerical control
Masina automata pentru aplicarea cantului ABS (pe cant drept), HOMAG
Automatic machine for applying the ABS edge (on the right edge), HOMAG

Equipment with equipment that covers all the technological phases:

  • WEINIG 4-sided processing unit with 6 working heads
  • Circular pendulum saw for cutting
  • Calibration machine
  • Upper shaft milling
  • Normal milling machine
  • Last generation circular
  • Wood lathes and grinding machines
  • Finishing area with spray booth equipped with mixing pump, temperature controlled drying chamber
  • The finish ensures the uniformity of the coating layer with paint or varnish

We have 3D design capability - IMOS, CUTRITE, AUTOCAD

7. We have production capacity, we have the willingness to work in shifts and we can absorb larger orders depending on the possible needs of the clients in the framework of mutually advantageous collaborations.

Possible areas for collaboration

  • Furniture with and without metal frame, with great diversity for schools, institutions, libraries,
  • Furniture for pensions, fireplaces for the elderly, motels.
  • General purpose objects in the category for home and garden: garden benches, trash cans, tables and chairs including solid wood for the terrace and garden, flower stands, barbecues, prototypes, smokers, trolleys, stardal furniture. We delivered for the chain of DEDEMAN stores in 2019 general purpose articles of approx. 200.000 Euro/year.
  • Furniture for kindergarten from PAL and solid wood.
  • It is possible to outsource to Alfa Vega the execution of some components or products together with some necessary machines or without them
  • Director general - prof. Nicolaie Mateian
  • Director executiv - ing. Marin Vanani
  • Director economic - ec. Aurica Grosu
  • Director de calitate – ing. Andrei Krajnik
  • Director sectie acoperiri – ing. Andrei Pardek

Alfa Vega este localizata pe o suprafata de 1.25Ha, dispunand de urmatoarele sectii:

  • Prelucrari mecanice
  • Confectii metalice
  • Vopsitorie in camp electrostatic
  • Galvanizare
  • Productie si montaj mobilier
  • Productie si montaj material didactic
  • Atelier prototipuri pentru mobilier si material didactic
  • Depozit materii prime si material
  • Depozit produse finite
Documente Sistem Management Integrat



Alfa Vega are o experienta pe piata de 26 de ani, fiind infiintata in 1991, in Satu Mare, avand ca domeniu de activitate productia de material didactic. Pornind de la o idee, firma are astazi o oferta larga de produse de mobilier scolar si material didactic, competitive pe plan national si international.